Major App Update

Major App update: We have published the new DoorBird App for iOS a few days ago (you can already download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store free of charge!). Our development team in Berlin has invested thousands of hours to add the following outstanding features to the App: Superior dynamic self learning noise canceller (now even better as high end industrial intercom systems), remote access via the App to the Motion sensor footage (history) plus several minor changes and improvements. Now also available for Android: Simultaneous 2-way audio and advanced echo canceller (AEC) as well as advanced settings for the microphone.

Please keep in mind: Since Apple uses very high quality microphones, loudspeakers and digital audio components that are perfectly in tune with one another, the voice quality with an iPhone or iPad is usually noticeably better than with an Android smartphone or Android tablet. Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that voice communication in Android Apps sometimes only performs adequately to poorly due to the poor coordination between the Android operating system and the drivers, microphones and speakers carried by specific Android smartphones or tablets. Some Android smartphones and tablets have a well-balanced App voice quality; however others are poor. All Android Apps are faced with this problem.

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