Installation in the USA

In addition to the IP intercom, our partner Acoustic Design Systems also installed the DoorBird IP video indoor station A1101 which enables the residents to see their visitors, talk to them and open the door. Packed with awesome features such as a free visitor history and a scratch-resistant color touch display, this smart indoor station is as loud as our IP door chime, and supports WiFi, Ethernet and PoE.

DoorBird D1101V available worldwide

Our newest and smallest IP video intercom DoorBird D1101V is now available worldwide! The D1101V with one call button is compact, WiFi-enabled, has an integrated 1080p camera, a Sony image sensor and a Bluetooth module for keyless access. Ideal for single-family homes, the D1101V comes in a surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. Read more in the press release! Read more in the press release!

DoorBird D1101V weltweit erhältlich

Unsere kleinste IP-Video-Türsprechanlage DoorBird D1101V ist ab sofort weltweit erhältlich! Der D1101V mit einer Ruftaste ist kompakt, WLAN-fähig, hat eine integrierte 1080p-Kamera, einen Sony Bildsensor sowie ein Bluetooth-Modul für den schlüssellosen Zugang. Als Aufputz- und Unterputzvariante ist der D1101V vor allem für Einfamilienhäuser ideal. Zur Pressemitteilung.