We have made the new DoorBird Apps (iOS, Android) available yesterday which support the optional feature “Cloud-Recording”. We will start to roll-out the Firmware v000093 to the DoorBird Video Door Stations of all customers who have applied for the public beta test (limited to 100 participants, the limit was reached within hours – thank you for showing so much interest!). We will inform these customers by email as soon as the firmware is on their device 🙂

Beginning of March we will roll-out this Firmware to every DoorBird Video Door Stations, so anyone can try this optional feature free of charge for a limited time 🙂Unbenannt

Good news for everyone who experienced some delays with our push notification service lately.. We have updated our Push-Service SSL server configuration; there was a performance leak which lead to up to 5 seconds delay for each Push notification delivery. Thank you for feedback, we found the reason with your help!