D20x Series

We have launched a second DoorBird series (D20x) yesterday (28 May 2015) – due to the high demand for fully stainless-steel models with flush and surface mount options, see https://www.doorbird.com/buy This series is fully based on the hardware and software of “classic” DoorBird D10x series; it is just a different housing. We will update the webpage within the next days with detailed datasheets. The DoorBird D20x series will NOT replace the D10x series – we have just increased the housing options. Fully stainless-steel housings were not on our roadmap when we have launched the DoorBird, because we didn’t know that so many customers would ask and willed to pay for this. Customers who have already ordered a DoorBird D10x can contact us to cancel their D10x order to place an order on the D20x series. The DoorBird D20x series (of course.. manufactured in Germany) will be ready for shipping end of June beginning of July.